Beet Mania

Beet Mania

I have to be honest, as a kid, I did NOT like beets at all.  In fact I’m a very recent convert to this nutrient-packed gem of a vegetable.  According to health expert, Dr. Mercola, beets lower your blood pressure, fight inflammation, boost your stamina, contain anti-cancer properties, properties, support detoxification, and contain valuable nutrients and are a good source of fiber. 

Frozen Beet Berry Smoothie Ingredients

I’ve taken to tossing in half of chopped beet into my berry smoothie, which I have a few times a week.  I add a scoop of vitamin packed Daily Lift to my shake which almost completely masks the earthy flavor of the beets.  Here is my recipe:

  • ½ fresh raw beet, diced

  • 1 cup of frozen mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries are in my blend)

  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder.  I’m currently crushing on this brand: Vega Clean Protein.

  • ¼ cup of unsweetened cranberry juice

  • 1 cup of water

  • Optional: 1 packet of Berry Flavored Daily Lift

Beet Berry Smoothie

Not into smoothies?  I recently made this recipe for roasted beets with a honey balsamic glaze.  I think you’ll enjoy it too!  You can also grate a little fresh beetroot onto your salads.  And don’t waste the beet greens!  They pack more iron than spinach and can be tossed into salads, smoothies, or lightly sautéed in a little bit of olive oil and fresh minced garlic.


  1. Tamara says:

    Beets are amazing! I couldn’t stomach them when I was pregnant with my daughter, and it took awhile to get back the taste for them. That was sad! I’m happy to say I’m over it now and can eat them all the time!

  2. I have to confess I am not a beet fan either. I tried them once from a juicer recipe and all I could taste was dirt. However this recipe seems to have more sweetness added via the berries and vanilla so I may have to give it another shot!

  3. O love beets but never thought to put them in a smoothie. What a great way to get all they vitamins with having to cook them.

  4. Cathy says:

    I love smoothies, but as much as I try I just can’t find a way to like beets. I have put them in juice before, but the flavor is just too strong for me. Maybe if I over compensate with sweet fruit, a smoothie might work. ;)

  5. Cristine says:

    I love golden beets with a little cheese. I haven’t found a beet juice that I like yet. I know it’s good for me, but it’s hard to find the right combination.

  6. I’m going to have to try this. I was never a fan of beets before but lately I love them!

  7. Scott says:

    I have to admit, I didn’t like them as a kid either. And I haven’t grown out of it yet. But my wife sure loves them – especially on salads!

  8. LIz Mays says:

    I don’t know how I feel about those things still. I will eat bits of them in salads and whatnot, but I’m a little hesitant. In a smoothie it would work though.

  9. Karissa says:

    Yummy! I have smoothies a few times a week, but nothing like this one! Looks delicious and full of nutrients!

  10. Rosey says:

    Smoothies disguise all kinds of things you might not otherwise eat. My fave thing about them. :)

  11. Yum, this sounds like a good smoothie. My dad just had me go to the store to get some beets. He was sharing all of the health benefits of using beets. I will have to share this with him, thanks!

  12. Christina says:

    I had no idea beets were so beneficial! I think if you can hide them in a smoothie, there’s no excuse not to eat more beets!

  13. Oh wow. I never thought to use a beet in a smoothie but it totally makes sense! Going to try this next week once I go shopping!

  14. Laura Funk says:

    I have kept trying them and I cannot get the taste of dirt out of my mouth…even pickled!

  15. I love juicing hubby thinks that it tastes like dirt but I think it’s delicious.
    I add an apple, a beet and a pear and juice that with a little lemon and some celery.
    So delicious!!