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$100 Back To School PayPal Giveaway

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$100 PayPal Cash

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Can you believe that Back to School time is already upon us?  A great group of blogger is pleased to bring you this fabulous Paypal Cash giveaway so you can earn cash to help pay for school supplies and clothes for your kids!

Thank you to all of the bloggers promoting this giveaway. All of our giveaways are so much fun when we do it all together.

Now for the fun stuff. This giveaway is open to US. There are daily bonus entries for sharing this giveaway on your social media channels. It’s okay to share it with your family and friends, they’ll want to enter to win too!!

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$100 Back to School PayPal Giveaway Pinterest #2

$100 Back to School PayPal Giveaway Pinterest #2


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$100 Back to School PayPal Giveaway Twitter #5 Follows


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$100 Back to School PayPal Giveaway Cohost Page


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How Meal Planning Saves You Time, Money & Stress

Meal Planning Saves Time Money and Stress

I started meal planning over five years ago when I was coupon queen.  At the time my sole motivation to start planning my meals was saving money.  I wanted to make better use of the food that I was buying at a fraction of the cost with my couponing strategies. I instinctively knew meal planning would cut down on the amount of food I threw away, and my family would eat out less. 

However, I quickly realized that the benefits of meal planning went far beyond just saving money.  I was saving time in the kitchen, which meant I was less stressed out at dinner time. These days, I’m lucky if I remember to load my digital coupons to my Kroger app!  Meal planning, on the other hand, is one habit I’m sticking with because it never fails to save me time, money, and stress. 

Meal Planning Benefit #1: Save Money

The average American family throws away up to $30 of every $100 they spend on food.  It’s just like throwing dollar bills into the trash can every time we scrape off our plates or throw away leftovers!  Planning your meals in advance allows you to manage your food resources wisely so there’s less waste and more money in your pockets.

Meal Planning Benefit #2: Save Time 

Everyone has jam-packed schedules and cooking dinner can feel like another time consuming chore to check off your list.  For many of us, it seems easier to just pick up carry out or order a pizza.  However, with a small amount of time invested up front, you can ensure that you’ll have everything ready to go for a delicious, nutritious dinner in 30 minutes or less. 

Meal Planning Benefit #3: Reduce Stress

Think about it: the last thing you want to do when you get home after a long day is stress out over what to make for dinner! Wouldn’t it be great to come home to the wonderful smell of dinner in the crock pot, ready to eat?  This way, you can actually enjoy connecting with your family over a nice relaxing dinner.  The only thing you’ll have to stress over is who’s going to the dishes!

Meal Planning Bonus: Healthier Eating

As a bonus, you’ll also eat healthier when you meal plan.  Just by reducing your restaurant meals, you’ll slash your calorie intake by about 30%.  You’re also more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan if your meals are prepped and ready to go.

New to Meal Planning?  Check out my FREE Mindful Meal Planning course inside of Vigoroom!  (Find it inside of the Money Wellness Room on the home page once you’ve registered.)

Shadows May Fall Amazon Giveaway


http://www.ratsandmore.com/2016/06/25-amazon-gift-card-shadows-may-fall.html Automatic

Suspense and mystery book lovers, rejoice! Mell Corcoran’s new book, Shadows May Fall (Book #3 in A Series of Shadows) has just been released and you can win a signed copy! I’ve read the previous books in the series, Shadows of Doubt and Shadows of Deceit, so I can’t wait to devour this latest installment from one of my favorite fiction authors!

This giveaway has two fantastic prizes:

* Grand prize will be a $25 Amazon gift card + all 3 books in the series, signed by the author.

* 2nd Place prize will be a signed copy of the new book.

Thanks to Mell Corcoran and our giveaway co-hosts Your Strong Tower, Lil’ Blog and More, MakeUp Fun, Drop the Spotlight, and Utah Explore, for sponsoring this great giveaway! Read on for a sneak peek into the third installment of this thrilling read!

Shadows May Fall 

There is no rest for the weary, as seasoned homicide detective Lou Donovan learns the hard way. Immediately following Lou’s work on a string of complex murders, she finds herself faced with the task of finding a new killer with some seriously twisted methods. An adult film executive becomes the first unwitting victim of a killer just beginning a psychotic spree. As Lou meticulously grazes each new murder scene—scenes that send every other detective ducking for the bathroom—Lou and her new partner must follow their instincts to a dark and deadly place.

Mell Corcoran, a Southern California native, is a writer and animal enthusiast. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Though her formal education and professional background is rooted in law, her lifelong passion for literature has become her first love.

The contest runs from June 21st through June 27th, 2016. Enter via the GiveawayTools form below. Open to US residents age 18 and up. Winners will be contacted via email and will have 48 to respond and claim their prize.

The bloggers involved in this giveaway were not compensated, and are
not responsible for prize fulfillment.  This event is sponsored by Mell Corcoran.  Must be 18 years of age or older to enter this giveaway.
This giveaway starts June 21st, 2016, and will end on June 27th, 2016 at
11:59 pm. The winner will be emailed, and have 48 hours to respond, or a
new winner will be chosen. Once a winner is drawn and confirmed, the
name will be announced on the GiveawayTools form.

Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway Event


Welcome to the Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway Event!  How about a new Kindle for all  your summer reading?  Whether you’re keeping it for yourself to take it to the beach or lake for leisure reading, or giving it to your child to tackle their summer reading list, this is one giveaway you bookworms won’t want to miss!

Hosted by: Lil’ Blog and More, Life, Naturally, & Your Strong Tower.

and Co-hosted by: Utah Explore, and Deliciously Savvy.

Good Luck everyone!

The Giveaway!
1 lucky winner will receive a Kindle Paperwhite. Open to Worldwide entries. Ends 7/2. Enter using the GiveawayTools form, below:



The bloggers involved in this giveaway were not compensated, and are
not responsible for prize fulfillment. Lil’ Blog and More will be sending the
prize out. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter this giveaway.
This giveaway starts June 10th, 2016, and will end on July 2nd, 2016 at
11:59 pm. The winner will be emailed, and have 48 hours to respond, or a
new winner will be chosen. Once a winner is drawn and confirmed, the
name will be announced on the GiveawayTools form.

Summer Meal Planning Tips (Video)

Summer Meal Planning Tips

Like me, do you dread turning on the oven to cook dinner when it’s sweltering hot outside? Sure, you can use the grill and we do use ours quite a bit during the summer.  But what if it’s raining?  Here are some meal planning tips to keep your kitchen cool this summer!


  • Pan Frying Meats or Stir Frying Veggies on the Stovetop

  • Toaster Oven – Bake a single piece of salmon, a small batch of sweet potato fries, or a few dinner rolls.

  • Crock Pot – Use it year round!

  • Veggie Steamer

  • Of course, the grill!  Try batch cooking a whole bag of frozen chicken breasts.  Dice up the extras and toss it onto salads for those nights you don’t want to cook at all.

Attacking Student Loan Debt Post Graduation

After graduation attack student loan debt

Today’s guest blog post is by Barney Whitstance.

If you’ve just graduated or are taking a break from college and just started repaying your student loans, the tips below will help you to keep your student loans under control. If you work through these tips, they will help you avoid fees and added interest costs, keep your repayments affordable, and protect your credit ratings from being adversely affected.

1. Know about your loans. For your student loans it’s important to keep track of repayment status, lender, and balance. Having these details will help you determine your options for loan repayment and forgiveness. You may refer to National Student Loan Data System to check the current status of all your federal student loans, loan amounts, and repayment status.

2. Know your grace period. Every loan has different schedule and different grace periods. The grace period is the amount of time you can wait between finishing your college and starting your student loan repayments. For example, the grace period for Federal Stafford loans is six months and for Federal Perkins loans is nine months. The grace periods are different for different type of loans and different terms and conditions. Keep this in mind and be aware.

3. No need to panic. If you’re having trouble making payments due to issues like unemployment, poor health, or difficult financial conditions, you do have the option to legally manage your federal student loans. The legal ways to temporarily delay and postpone your federal student loan payments include both forbearance and deferments. You may also qualify for a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) plan to help reduce costs even if you’re working. If you are earning, but perhaps not enough, consider applying for the PAYE plan while you are underemployed or looking for a better job. An unemployed deferment may also be the right choice if you are having trouble finding work. However, interest accrues on loans during forbearances and on some types of loans during deferment, increasing your total debt.

  1. Pay the most expensive loans first. If you’re planning on paying off one or more of your loans ahead of the schedule, start paying of the loan with the highest interest rate. If you have any private loans, start paying them off first, since they usually have higher interest rates compared to government loans. The only exception is with the IRS, you don’t want them in your life, get IRS payments out of the way first then tackle the remaining debts.

    Alternatively, you can also apply the debt-snowball method to your loan repayments as well. It works in the opposite way. You pay off the smallest loans first and only make minimum payments on the rest, ignoring interest rates. Once the first small debt is paid off you then roll over the total amount you’re able to pay each month until all your debts are paid off. This creates momentum and motivates to keep you going because you see progress quickly.

5. Pay extra if you can. If your financial condition allows you to pay more than your required monthly payment, every time or on and off, doing so can the lower the total amount of interest you have to pay over the life of the loan. Make sure to specify in a note that the extra amount of money should be applied towards your loan balance. If you don’t specify, your extra payment may automatically be credited as a prepay on a future payment meaning you might not be billed for the next month.

Paying down student debt doesn’t have to be scary or hard. Take the time to ensure your understand your loans’ terms and conditions. This can help you make the best choices for your current situation. Apply for federal programs and other deferments if needed. Continue making calculated extra payments each month as often as possible in order to pay less interest over the course of the loan. With some strategic planning and resolve, you will be sure to make progress in no time.


Barney Whistance is an enthusiastic Finance and Economics blogger who is most interested in global economic climate. Apart from doing majors in Finance, he is also a Chartered Accountancy Student and planning to complete his Ph.D. in Finance before he turns 30. You find him here on Twitter.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Giveaway (2 Winners!) Ends 5/27


Brooklyn Bean Roastery Giveaway (2 Winners!) Ends 5/27!

Are you a Coffee Connoisseur like me?  I’m not human without a few cups of my favorite brew, which is why I’m super excited to bring you this awesome giveaway!

  Deliciously Savvy Is Hosting a Giveaway for Brooklyn Bean Roastery! 2 Lucky Winners will receive a 40Ct Box of Assorted Brooklyn Bean Coffee KCups! These are my absolute favorite of all KCups and you will not be disappointed! Enter Today & Good Luck!

Read My Savvy Review HERE!

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PLUS a Big Thank You To all Blogs Helping To Promote! I cannot do it without each and every one of you!


2 Lucky Winners Will Each Win a 40Ct box of Brooklyn Beans Assorted Variety Pack Single-Cup coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 40 Count Total $44 TRV!

And Now The Giveaway!!!

Giveaway Dates ~ 05/07 9AM EST until 05/27 11:59PM EST

Entrants must be 18 years old to enter and giveaway is open to US residents only.

Any Questions Email Me At mcushing7 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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