Clump O Lump Giveaway

It’s giveaway time!  Your Strong Tower is excited to bring you this three-day giveaway sponsored by Knock Knock.  What are these cool and silly-looking animals?  They are called Clump O Lumps – the stuffed animal with personality!  These stuffed animals zip apart in three sections (head, torso, and tail) that can be interchanged with their buddies, so they are definitely a blast when you have more than one.  But even one is fun!  My nephew has Shark-O and loves him.  They are squishy and can double as pillows for your kids.

A few weeks ago, a box came to my house, stuffed with Clump O Lumps!  (I’m not really sure how they all managed to fit in there!)  These guys are eagerly awaiting Christmas, because each one of them is a present for my five nieces and nephews!  I know they are going to have playing with each other, making new Clump O Lump mix-up creations, or maybe just one super-long Clump!

 Our winner will receive the Clump O Lump of their choice.  Giveaway will run Monday December 17 through Wednesday December 19th.  Your Strong Tower is not responsible for prize shipment and cannot guarantee Christmas delivery.  Contest open to US residents, aged 18 and older.


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  1. Jordan Y says:

    Tig-o the Tiger

  2. heather k says:

    The squid is adorable!