Coupon Sisters Get Cooking E-Book

The Coupon Sisters Get Cooking!
Discover the Magic of Meal Planning E-book
By, Christine Luken

Does the question, “What’s for dinner?” cause you stress on a regular basis?  If so, then “The Coupon Sisters Get Cooking!  (Discover the Magic of Meal Planning)” was written just for you!  Join me and my sister, Leah Kelley, authors of the popular blog Meal Planning Monday, as we explain how to save time, money, and stress with the magic of meal planning.  “The Coupon Sisters Get Cooking” is packed with practical information about meal planning, freezer cooking, time and money saving meal-prep tips, and even some of our favorite recipes.  This 60-page e-book explains, in an easy-to-understand format, how you can get a great home-cooked meal on the dinner table for your family in 30 minutes, despite your hectic schedule.

 “The Coupon Sisters Get Cooking!” e-book is $7.95 (+ tax for KY residents) and comes with a money-back guarantee!