Coupon Wizard Software Debut!

            I usually don’t get too excited about Mondays, but today is an exception!  My company, Strong Tower, LLC is releasing the first version of the Coupon Wizard Software for sale today!  What’s very cool about this software is that it automates the money-saving strategies I teach in my Coupon Workshops.  It especially makes Meal Planning a breeze!

            I met my business partner and software engineer, Craig DeLisle, at one of my Coupon Workshops.  He jokes that it was only way he could get an appointment to see me because I’m such a busy person.  Craig had developed a software program that could database coupons (entered manually or via a hand-held scanner) so that his couponing daughter could easily match them up to her shopping lists in the program.  My Coupon Workshop was Craig’s first exposure to monthly Meal Planning and Stockpiling.  As we talked about his software and how to make it more useful for Coupon Queens, he realized how important it would be to add these components.  Shortly after that, our partnership was formed, and Craig worked round the clock to make the Coupon Wizard Software into the awesome tool it is today.

            Rather than tell you all about the features of the Coupon Wizard Software, I thought it would be much more fun to show you!  We have uploaded instructional videos that show how to use all of the software’s features on our website.  And because we LOVE to give things away to our loyal fans and followers, we are giving away a FREE copy of the Coupon Wizard Software to one lucky winner this week! 

            Here is what you need to do to enter the giveaway.  Go to the Strong Tower website and watch one or more of the videos and comment here on the blog, telling us which feature or features you are most excited about.  Here are a few I recommend: Coupon Wizard Introduction, Stockpiling, Meal Planning & Scheduling, and the Deal Calculator.  We will pick a random winner on Thursday morning, October 20th.

            Can’t wait until then to own the Coupon Wizard?  No problem!  If you buy the software now and end up being our winner, we will issue you a refund of your purchase price.  Special Introductory Price for the Coupon Wizard Software is $49.99, and if you use the coupon code LEAH, you’ll save 10%.




  1. Tessa Mullen says:

    Love to use this to get started couponing!!!

  2. Debbie Evans says:

    very detailed and looks awesome and helpful. great job and excited for you and Craig!

  3. Kelly Panko says:

    Very excited about the meal planning feature. It’s something I don’t do now, but certainly need to do. I think the software would help me get started and stay organized. I love how you can add your recipe files and keep your shopping list for your planned dinners. Nice job on this software!!

  4. nancy c dendy says:

    would love to get this it would help a lot.

  5. Ashley Yale says:

    I would love to own this! What a great idea for anyone that uses coupons or would love to start using coupons!

  6. Bobbi Bockman says:

    I like the meal planning section and also the calculating deals video! This would be a nice program to own!!!!!

  7. jessica rogerson says:

    I love the fact you can keep track of what is in your stockpile. I also love the meal planner me and my husband both cook and sometimes he uses sides i had planed for another meal, but with the planner he could just look at it and know exactally what to cook.

  8. Tiffany Frank says:

    I love the meal planning, oh heck I love the whole thing and think it would be great to win this!!

  9. Carol Pennington says:

    Congratulations on the major achievement of getting something like this done! (you’re amazing) I strive to get better with the menu planning and I particularly like the “shelf life” feature (and automatically reduce) – no more money lost because I forgot I had something and let it expire…

    • Christine says:

      Thanks Carol! My partner, Craig, did most of the hard work on the Coupon Wizard! I just told him what us couponers would want to make our lives easier. :)

  10. Treasa h says:

    Love love coupon wizard teaching me alot on how to coupon

  11. Jodi says:

    I love the meal planning!!! Especially that you can have the recipe location! So easy!!! Love this product!!!

  12. Noel Helton says:

    I really liked watching the Scheduling Meal Planning!!!!! I have two young girls so dinner is very stressful because we have so many different schedules going on. I tried to do meal planning a few months ago and it worked very well except I didnt keep it organized well enough. This program is amazing and could really help me in keeping my things organized. Hoping I win!!!! If not, my husband may just have to make this my Christmas gift.

  13. Kristin says:

    I would love to try this and save big bucks$$$$$$ Thanks!!!!

  14. Cathleen Caves says:

    Love it!! Looks amazing! Great way to get organized. Love the calendar for meal planning! I so need that to get my couponing organized!!!