Crafty Christmas Gifts


            This week’s post is by Leah Kelley.

            Two weeks left until Christmas!  I’m so excited because this is the first year that my husband and I have been able to afford Christmas presents.  In the past years, we’ve had to decide between paying bills and buying presents.  There’s  no joy in knowing you had to put off paying the electric bill so you can buy your kids’ presents.  We’ve worked very hard to reach this point and, although it wasn’t an easy road, it has paid off greatly.  I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class.  It was both a sanity and marriage saver.  

            If you’re struggling with your finances or just don’t have a lot saved up for Christmas, you can always make something homemade.  Many times a gift from the heart means more than a store bought piece of plastic.  I thought I’d share a few do-it-yourself gift ideas.  I’m posting the ideas and also the links to the blogs I found them on.  Not only will you get some ideas for presents but you might find a new blog you’d like to follow!


Tea Cup Candles ~ These are adorable and very inexpensive to make.

Fabric Coaster ~ If you know how to sew or someone who has a sewing machine this looks fairly easy.

Memory Game ~ If you have a digital scrapbooking kit like My Memories Suite this is perfect! If not you can find different patterns online to use.

Peppermint Face Scrub ~ I’m a sucker for any homemade beauty products.

Canvas Log Carrier ~ I’m thinking about making one of these for my parents.

Vanilla Sugar ~ I bet this would yummy in some sugar cookies.

No Sew Wine Bag ~ Not only does this look easy but would make a great hostess gift too.

Have fun with your presents this year!






  1. These are great ideas! Thanks for posting them!