Florence Kroger Marketplace Grand Opening!

On Tuesday, I got the pleasure of attending the new Florence, KY Kroger Marketplace Pre-Grand Opening Reception as VIP guest.  A great blogger perk, huh? ;)  I was able to check out the huge new store while munching gourmet appetizers and rubbing shoulders with other bloggers, Kroger employees, and city council members.

Check out this yummy food from the deli!

The store layout is very similar to the Kroger Marketplace closest to me in Independence, KY.  All of the important amenities  are included: a Starbucks, a Fred Meyer Jewelry store, a US Bank, to name a few.

Okay guys, Kroger’s made it easy for you to pick up something fabulous for your wife for Mother’s Day without going to the mall!

The deli department was impressive: a sushi bar, a huge cheese case (my favorite!), and an enormous variety of side dishes and salads to complement those tasty rotisserie chickens.

Lots of cheese to go with my wine!

When I rounded the corner towards the bakery, I was pleasantly surprised that the music was coming from a live band, which was a very cool touch.  I ate a few bites of my favorite cake on the planet, Kroger’s white sheet cake with whipped frosting!

I love that the Florence Kroger Marketplace has a large home goods section, complete with bath towels, shower curtains, dishware, and an entire aisle of kitchen gadgets!  There’s also an expanded baby section, plus clothing for the whole family.

I shouldn’t be left unsupervised in this aisle!

I think I’m most excited about The Little Clinic next to the pharmacy, which I’d never heard of before Tuesday.  The Little Clinic is staffed with nurse practitioners who can administer injections, treat a variety of minor illnesses, write prescriptions, and perform physicals and other health screenings.  One of the staff nurses took me on a quick tour of the clinic and patient rooms, and explained to me that no appointments were required.  The Little Clinic is open seven days a week, with hours until 8 PM Monday through Friday, and until 5 PM on weekends.  This makes it an awesome –and less expensive – alternative to the emergency room or urgent care.  As someone who has a high-deductible health insurance plan, that’s important to me!  You know I love saving money!  The nurse mentioned that The Little Clinic is currently offering $33 sports physicals, so bring the kiddos and get that checked off your  to-do list.

If you’re in the Florence area any time soon, swing into the newest Kroger Marketplace and check out the store!  I’m sure you’ll find everything on your grocery list, and then some.