How to Save Money on Your Children’s Easter Clothes

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I’m not going to say my favorite part about being a mom is dressing up my daughter in bows, sparkles and satin ribbons, but I’m not going to say it’s not, either.  I know I’m working against the clock. This Easter, she’ll be freshly 4. And I know the time bomb has already started ticking for the day my kid is mortified by everything about me, especially the clothes I pick out for her.  Moms don’t know anything, you know. Until every child turns 22.

 I’m a seize-the-day kind of mom, so this year my munchkin is going to Easter service dressed up fluffier than a stick of cotton candy dipped in clouds dipped in Dolly Parton’s hair. After all, it may very well be my last chance.  But my desire — nay, motherly need – to swathe my child in the most beauteous and impractical garb possible directly conflicts with my practicality. I know it’s financially irresponsible to drop big bucks on a dress she’ll only wear once, probably for only 13 minutes of the service.

But — sparkles!  My solution: lots of pictures up front and smart shopping.

Here are my favorite ways to save money on gorgeous Easter clothing for the kiddos. Because a good bargain has been known to keep me out of the confession booth.

1. Shop online. I know it seems fun to touch and try on clothes at the store, but, reality check, shopping with kids is actually Dante’s 10th Circle of Hell. Save the gray hairs and do your browsing in your PJs after they go to bed.  Best of all, you can save money by shopping online. Many stores offer online-only specials and coupons.

2. Use coupons. I know you’re busy. But this does not have to be a time-consuming, stressful thing involving scissors, binders, folders, tabs and the Dewey Decimal System. My favorite place to find all the best coupons for babies and kids stuff in one organized place is Browse by store (I’m pretty sure every online store in the vast Interwebs is on here) or by category (hint: Go straight to “kids clothing”).  Here, you can find pages of coupons for stores like Macy’s, Gap, The Children’s Place, JC Penney and more.

3. Pair coupons with Cash Back. Oh no, another step, right? Nope.  The only “work” you have to endure is the 15 seconds it takes to sign up for an account on (you can even log in with Facebook). Once you’re logged in, simply find the store you want to shop, pick the coupon you want to use and click.  You’ll be redirected to the store’s website, just like Google would redirect you, and your purchase is tracked. ShopAtHome will automatically bank the Cash Back in your account and send you a check once you’ve reached $20 (trust me, this happens quickly).

Cash Back seriously adds up. I’ve seen it higher than 10 percent. Right now, JCP is offering 9 percent Cash Back. So take that $40 dress you are wincing to buy for your daughter’s Easter dress. Pick your favorite of more than 250 coupons, like an exclusive deal for 10 percent off your entire purchase and save $4. Then, get another 9 percent Cash Back off that price – nearly $3 more savings – and that dress is suddenly marked down low enough to feel like you’re shopping your own personal sales rack.

Not a total sin. Which frees up your conscience to steal a handful of those jelly beans, right?

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  1. I do a lot of my shopping online and whenever I do shop online, I always search for coupons before I buy! Great tips.

  2. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I think using cash back sites are awesome! If you are already going to shop online shy not use them?

  3. Dee says:

    I do a lot online. I had been keeping an eye out for my son a pair of seersucker shorts to match his sister’s outfits. They FINALLY went on sale for $13ish and then I used a 20% coupon I had there too – with free shipping! WOOT!

  4. I never shop online without my cashback sites or coupons!

  5. Jennifer B says:

    These are great ways to save money on clothes! We do a lot of our shopping online!

  6. I haven’t even thought about Easter clothes but I guess I should since it’s right around the corner. Thanks for the great tips.

  7. Tracie says:

    It is SO much better to shop online and have kids try stuff on one it arrives at home than to try stuff on in the store fitting rooms. Plus the online coupons are definitely better. I’m all about doing things that make my life easier.

  8. Lisa Jones says:

    Great Tips I Use Them All The Time To Save, Thank You!

  9. brett says:

    i never pay full price. ever. i love shopping online and always work to find hte best deals!

    ps yes, seize the fashion days of choosing their clothes. it goes fast.

  10. Debbie Denny says:

    Great list. I like shopping online and finding great deals.

  11. Rebekah says:

    We always found the most adorable and affordable Easter dresses at Burlington Coat Factory & their Babies R Us area. $10-$12 each!

  12. I have done wonderfully with coupons at Carter’s, especially during sales. I’ve also gotten some lovely dresses at consignment shops… I think people change the kids right after taking pictures of them sometimes. Pristine.

  13. I have to admit.
    I am not a big fan of shopping so being able to shop at home in my jammies sounds perfect!
    Thanks for the great tips :0)

  14. J.Merrill says:

    I was thinking about the pros and cons of shopping online vs. and actual store. Then when you reminded me of what it can actually be like to go shopping with kids, yea, that settles it. :)

  15. Sandra says:

    I love getting good deals on Easter clothes. Thanks for the ideas on how to save.

  16. Great tips — I do most of my shopping online at this point, and coupons and cash back are so helpful! Such a cute picture!

  17. Pam says:

    My daughter always refused my attempts to dress her up in cute dresses and bows. I always tried to shop at outlet stores to get cute outfits at good prices.

  18. KatyRose says:

    This is great. I’m using coupons this year to save on my Easter new dress and some table decorations as well. – Katy

  19. Deanna Ritz says:

    Great ideas on how to save some cash this time of year. I’m just getting into more shopping on line and am loving it! We live far from stores so its definitely more convenient.

  20. Trisha says:

    I loathe having my daughter try things on in the store, it’s a nightmare. Comparing it to Dante’s 10th circle of hell literally made me LOL! Great tips!

  21. Nicole Brady says:

    Great tips! Buying online and using a cashback program is always a great approach to save money.

  22. I definitely agree to shopping online (with coupons!) It’s every mom’s secret to saving as much sanity as possible!

  23. Amanda says:

    Same here, I love to dress my kiddos up but I just can’t justify spending big $$$$ on an outfit they will wear one time. Great ideas!

  24. Liz Mays says:

    I think the cash back is totally worth the 15 seconds. Do it once and you’re good to go and save!

  25. Taralyn says:

    I go through Shop at Home all the time! Love getting cash back!

  26. Children, both boys and girls get such a thrill from dressing up for Easter. It is nice to be able to save money while making them happy.

  27. Lexie Lane says:

    I will take any tips on saving, especially with clothes! This was very helpful!

  28. Tess says:

    Great tips for saving. I love to use cash back online programs.

  29. Debi says:

    I do just about all of my shopping online.