Meal Planning Monday ~ Eating Clean

          This week’s Meal Planning Monday post is written by my good friend, Julie Brawley.  By her own admission, she is obsessed with cooking, and currently has two food blogs, Eating Clean 4 Life and Gluten-Free for Life.

            Thanks Christine for inviting me to guest blog and share my quest for “clean eating.”

            Studying food and nutrition has always interested me and I really enjoy cooking.  A few years ago, I was having some unexplained health issues.  I was bound and determined to figure out what was causing the problem.  I started doing extensive research and the first thing I decided to do was give up my Diet Coke because of the aspartame.  Guess what?  The unexplained health issues disappeared!!  This discovery sparked in me a relentless drive to do more research on certain ingredients in my food.  It was alarming to me that my food was full of additives and preservatives, many that could make my family sick!  It was disgusting – but what could I do?

            Then in 2009, I took a trip to Italy.  For about nine days, everything I ate was 100% natural ingredients – ZERO processed foods.  I was staying with friends that lived 100% off of their land.  I was blown away by how wonderful the food tasted, and there were no man-made ingredients added to their food.  I must also add that I felt amazing!  When I got home from Italy, I immediately threw out everything in my home that contained additives.  I researched and bought a TON of cookbooks that focused on using only natural ingredients, which is what “clean eating” is all about.

            Since I create websites for a living,  I decided to share with the world my passion for clean eating by sharing recipes that I have “cleaned up” – plus tips, tools, and advice on how you too can lead a “clean eating” life.  I hope you enjoy this week’s Meal Plan of clean eating recipes!

Monday ~ Diablo Pot Roast, pictured above

Tuesday ~  White Chicken Chili served with Corn Bread

Wednesday ~ Crock Pot Lasagna and Salad with Italian Dressing

Thursday ~ Spicy Tilapia with Italiano Green Beans

Friday ~ Beef Stew with Corn Bread

Saturday ~ Turkey Barley Stew

Sunday ~ Mongolian Beef and Jasmine Rice