Meal Planning Monday ~ I’m Not Perfect!

            Yes, it’s true!  I’m not a perfect person, which also means I’m not a perfect Meal Planner and I’m not a perfect Coupon Queen.  This past week has been hectic and draining.  I honestly didn’t even feel like writing anything for Meal Planning Monday!  Here are some examples of how my week went:

  • I came home from a busy day to discover that my meat was still frozen, so I ate a PB&J sandwich for dinner.
  • I realized that it was already November 3rd and I hadn’t even made up my monthly meal plan.
  • I burnt my oatmeal and had to scrub scalded milk out of the bottom of the pan.
  • I let several great coupons (including $ off my order) expire before I could use them.
  • I came to the conclusion that my homemade mashed potatoes kind of suck no matter how I make them, and I must smother them with gravy.

            The good news is that none of us have to be a perfect meal planners or couponers to save time and money.  But for those of us who are teachers, the pressure (real or imagined) is to be the expert and always know the right answers.  So this week, I am giving ALL of us permission to relax and not take ourselves so seriously in the kitchen and the grocery store!  Let’s be willing to have some fun and laugh at ourselves when we mess up (which we all will.)

            This week I’m NOT going to give you my meal plan or even any recipes.  Why?  Honestly, I’m all out of fresh ideas at the moment.  I also have a very busy week ahead and will be eating meals that I’ve stocked the freezer with over the past few weeks.  So this week, I want YOU to tell ME what’s on your meal plan or post a link for one of your favorite recipes.  I need some inspiration!