Meal Planning Monday ~ Tasty Tomatoes



               I am so excited because the tomatoes in our garden are finally ripening!  We had a very wet, cool spring here in the Cincinnati area, which seems to have delayed my personal tomato crop by several weeks.  My husband first decided to start growing tomatoes two years ago declaring store-bought ones to be tasteless and overpriced, and he was right (but don’t tell him I said so.) 

            Some people think growing tomatoes is hard and time-consuming.  However, in my experience, it’s relatively easy to do.  We planted our tomatoes in our existing flower beds in between hydrangeas and butterfly bushes!  (Now if we can just get the deer to quit eating them before we can…)  Make sure to put tomatoes in a sunny spot in your yard and water them generously.  You’ll be rewarded with a bumper crop of delicious tomatoes that your friends and family will be begging you for any extras.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to eat fresh-grown tomatoes this summer.


Monday ~ Taco Night.  If you haven’t tried ground chicken for tacos, you should!  It’s very tasty and has a lot less fat than ground beef.  I’ll chop up plenty of fresh tomatoes to top off our tacos, along with lettuce and shredded cheddar.


Tuesday ~ Oven Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and garlic roasted zucchini (also from my garden!)


Wednesday ~ FFY (Fend for Yourself) Night.  I have my final golf lesson for the season tonight.  I will bring a turkey sandwich to work so I have something to eat before I hit the links.  Of course, there will be nice slice or two of tomato on that sandwich!


Thursday ~ FFY (Fend for Yourself) Night.  I’m teaching a Coupon Workshop, which means I’ll have to eat something quick this night.  Maybe there will still be some leftover Oven Fried Chicken…


Friday ~ Grilled Chicken Sausages (I like Johnsonville’s new line of them.)  I will make a few skewers of vegetables, brushed with Italian dressing to put on the grill too.  My favorite grilled veggies: mushrooms, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, and onion.


Saturday ~ Lemon Pepper Tilapia boiled Yukon Gold potatoes with fresh parsley and butter, and green beans.  This fish is very easy to make!  Just take thawed tilapia fillets, pat dry, and season with a lemon pepper spice blend, like Mrs. Dash’s.  In a frying pan or skillet, spray some butter flavored cooking spray (or a small amount of butter) and cook each on each side for 3 or 4 minutes.  (Thanks to my friend, Ericka, for this easy dinner idea!)


Sunday ~ Chicken Bruschetta and salad.  This is my favorite recipe with fresh tomatoes and basil!  Enjoy!

Chicken Bruschetta

4 chicken breasts

1 large fresh tomato, chopped and seeded

2 – 3 Tbs of Balsamic salad dressing (plus extra for marinade)

¼ cup of chopped fresh basil

Shredded Italian blend cheese


Marinate the chicken breasts in balsamic dressing 30 – 60 minutes.  Combine the tomato and basil with enough balsamic dressing to coat.  Grill the chicken on one side.  When you flip the chicken to the other side, top the chicken with the tomato and basil mixture.  For last two minutes of grilling, top each chicken breast with shredded cheese. 



  1. Everytime I read your meal planning post, I just get hungry! We still don’t have any tomatoes turning yet. I can’t wait though!!!