My New Home Office

          My home office for Strong Tower, LLC is finally finished!  My handyman husband and I put together my desk and hutch from Office Depot (purchased at 60% off, of course).  It’s probably more accurate to say that I assisted Nick in putting it together, as I am NOT very handy.  After almost four hours of sweating and swearing, the desk was finished.  Note to self: Please pay the small surcharge to have Office Depot assemble furniture in the future!  (Sometimes I am too tight for my own good.)
            I purchased my desk accessories with much excitement.  I drove back to Office Depot, my favorite store here lately, and bought desk trays, a magazine holder, an in-box, and pencil cup.  (Good thing I’m earning rewards points on my purchases!)  I’m still on the hunt for a small lamp with personality. 
            I am looking forward to accomplishing many things here in my new creative space:  making training videos of my saving strategies, conducting Coupon Workshops via webinars, writing my next e-book, and conducting financial coaching sessions over the phone or via Skype. I am feeling very productive and inspired already!
            Now that my office is ready, the kitchen table can return to its rightful purpose as a surface to eat on.  Nick says it’s nice to not see stacks of books, papers, and coupons in the kitchen anymore.  However, the table looks a bit bare to me.  I’ve accomplished so much at my kitchen table.  Most of my blog posts and the majority of my e-book, “Confessions of a Coupon Queen” were written in that spot.  Change has always been a bit of a challenge for me, even when it’s a good one.  In fact, it seems that there’s a lot of change surrounding me and my family lately, which tends to leave me feeling a bit stressed.  My new office is very cozy and peaceful, so I have a feeling this will be my new sanctuary.  Most importantly, my cats, Peanut and Tiny, seem to approve of it as well.
            So tell me, where is your creative space in your home and what do you do there?