MyClyns Germ Protection System Giveaway

Happy Win It Wednesday!  We’ve got a special three-day MyClyns giveaway this week from Union Springs Expansion Leader Meg Koehl.  The Union Springs Wellness MyClyns products fight the growth of dangerous germs that live on surfaces and fabrics in any environment.  The MyClyns system includes surface wipes, hand sanitizer, food wash and more.

I think their most intriguing product is the MyClyns Germ Protection Spray.  This daily, convenient personal protection product is the only germ-fighting spray that’s safe for your eyes, nose, mouth, minor cuts and abrasions.  It’s a favorite of hospital and emergency response workers.  And the good news is you’ve got a chance to win it!  With flu season around the corner, this is the time to gear up and protect your family.

            Our winner will receive a MyClyns MyCustomer Welcome Kit ($55 value):

  • 8 ml MyClyns Germ Response Spray
  • 1 MyClyns Dishwasher Pacs & Disposal Cleaner
  • 2 Travel MyClyns Moisturizing Hand sanitizers
  • 12oz MyClyns Food Wash Spray
  • 25% off future orders!

           Even if you are not our lucky winner, you can still  purchase the MyClyns Welcome Kit for $55 plus free shipping. To do so, please contact Meg Koehl directly via email at  You’ll also get access to the back office of the Union Springs Webpage (to place your orders at 25% off), a catalog, order forms, a Union Springs pin and an opportunity to gain 10% of the sales of anyone you refer to the MyClyns MyCustomer Kit.

Good luck!  I’ll draw a winner on Saturday morning.

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  1. claudiamalik says:

    I love these contests and one of these days I am hoping to win something!

  2. Jennifer Bedoya says:

    I would love to try the Food Cleanse Spray! I am always always am afraid of the produce I buy at the store. I leave the fruit in a bowl…then my 6 year old doesnt wash it!!!

  3. Anna Maloy says:

    I’d really like to try the dishwasher packs and disposal cleaner.