31 Days of Halloween

This week’s blog post is by Leah Kelley.

I LOVE Halloween! I love everything about it: the costumes, candy, pumpkin everything, horror movies, and decorations. My kids are finally old enough to all go Trick-or-Treating and also have gotten over their fear of scary masks and zombies.

Last year for Halloween I made Dinner in a Pumpkin and Ghost Pops for a special treat. The kids loved it so much I decided to do something special for them this Halloween. For the whole month of October I’m doing a Halloween project or treat each day. 31 Days of Halloween, as I like to call it :) I thought I would share a few pictures and recipes of what I have made so far.

Puking Peppers ~ Yes, I know the name isn’t that appealing but I swear your kids will love these! I took an orange bell pepper and carved it just like a pumpkin. I then made spaghetti and sauce and filled the peppers pulling a little bit of the noodles and sauce through the mouth, giving the appearance that the peppers are puking. My kids got a kick out of it!

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls~ These rolls were easy to make and really cute. I made Pillsbury cinnamon rolls like I normally would and dyed a bit of the icing green for the pumpkin stem and the rest orange for the pumpkin.  What a great Halloween breakfast!

Bloody Sausage Fingers ~ If you get grossed out easily you might want to skip these. Thankfully, my kids do not. These are really realistic looking and would be great “finger food” for a Halloween party!

Mummy Hot Dogs ~ All you need is a tube of crescent rolls and hot dogs for these edible mummies! Cut the crescent rolls into strips then wrap the dough around the hot dogs. Sort of like a pig in a blanket. These were a big hit with the kids and were delicious!

Does your family do anything special in the days leading up to Halloween?  It was really hard to pick which ideas to share with you, so if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out my Halloween Pinterest board!  There’s still ten days left until the big day, so why not give some of these ideas a try?  Have fun this Halloween!!