7 Fun Ideas for Memorial Day without Breaking the Bank

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Today’s guest post is by Amy Nickson.

Every year, most of the Americans celebrate the Memorial Day weekend lavishly and regret later after checking their bank account.  This year, think twice before splurging money on the long Memorial Day weekend fun and frolic.  Celebrating a special day doesn’t always require spending a lot of money.

Many Memorial Day activities are absolutely adorable and won’t break your budget. Here you go:

1. Attend a local Memorial Day event

You may never notice but every year, on Memorial Day, some events usually take place near you. This year, don’t miss them. Catch your nearby Memorial Day event to have some great fun with your family. It can be a street fair, a carnival, a beach BBQ, or an open music program. These types of events are usually complementary or come with very low-cost entry fee. So, keep your eyes on the local newspaper or local listing nearby to know about the timing in detail.

2. Consider a day exploring trip

Why do you think enjoyment comes from only a long trip? Why don’t you think about a day trip to your local areas? Considering a hiking or a day trip to local sightseeing can be the best ways to get energized without spending a lot. Find out a place that is only a couple of hours away from your home. It can be fishing, camping, hiking, beach roaming, and exploring places as well. Pack some meals, water, and other supplies to enjoy some fun-filled time with your dear ones.

3. Host a sports event in your backyard

This year, invite your friends and neighbors to join a sports gathering in your backyard. Planning for a sports event can be the most fun-filled idea staying within the budget. To cut the additional food cost, you can make the event BYOF (bring your own food), or can keep only the basic stuff like lemonade and popcorn. Remember, the more games you plan, the more fun. So, keep some great sports like soccer, running with flag, Kan Jam, Cornhole or Bocce Ball. Don’t forget about little guests. Arrange some sports for children (running, baseball, softball, sit and draw) as well.

4. Have fun with kids at the nearby park

Free activities like cycling, see swaying, and swinging are full of fun for the kids. For working parents, Memorial Day weekend is the ultimate time to visit the local park with kids to experience boundless joy. Flying the kite, Frisbee, soccer ball are also great outdoor fun activities.

Family at the Beach

5. Visit the local beach

People who live in the coastal area are blessed. They can visit the local beach on every occasion for playing with salty water and sand. Enjoying a beach day doesn’t require a huge amount for having fun. You just need swimming gear, towels, and sunscreen with some snacks like sandwiches and coconut water.  However, if you want some floating fun, you can rent a paddle boat, canoe or kayak. You usually need to spend about $10 an hour for renting.

6. Enjoy a movie day on the Memorial Day weekend

The idea of catching up the latest movie with family and having costly snacks is meaningless when you can arrange an in-home movie day. By doing so , you can watch a number of your favorite movies at a cheaper rate. Rent movie from Redbox and stock up your favorite candy to enjoy some good time. You can also order your favorite pizza to say “good bye” to the kitchen for the whole day.

7. Don’t miss the parade

If catching the National Memorial Day parade in Washington DC can’t be possible for you, then check the parades scheduled in your area. At least, you can watch the parade show on TV or online while sitting with your family. Feel the vibes of the Memorial Day in your heart.

You need a break, you deserve a break. it is nearly halfway through the year, and you are busy with work, deadlines, financially stretched, puzzled with overwork; so figure out what to do, where to go and what you can actually afford. Thus you can enjoy a best ever Memorial Day without wasting your hard-earned money.


amy nickson

Amy Nickson is a web enthusiast. She completed her graduation from Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia. She works as a financial writer and she shares her expertise through her crisp and well researched articles based on money management, money saving ideas, debt, and so on. You can follow her on Oak View Law Group where she shares her expertise on personal finance field.