Tell Me Tuesday ~ Coupon Secrets!

Great News!  I’ve teamed up with some fellow coupon bloggers to bring you some new and interesting blog posts this summer on how to save money, make mealtime easier, and other fun stuff!  Today is “Tell Me Tuesday,” and we’re talking about coupon secrets.  Have you ever wanted to peek inside a Coupon Queen’s brain and pick out her best tips?  Well, you’re in luck, because there are some great tips below!  The first one, from yours truly, is actually a rebate secret.  Do you have a coupon secret to share?  I’d love to hear it!

  • I check the beer aisle in the grocery stores for rebate forms.  Many of the rebates don’t require you to even buy beer!  For example, there was a rebate from Killian’s beer around St. Patrick’s Day.  You received a $3 rebate when you bought 2 pounds of ground meat and a 5-pound bag of potatoes in the same transactions.  That was a nice way to get a discount on meat and produce, no beer purchase required! Thanks Confessions of a Coupon Queen!
  • I am all for the shopping list. Plan out your shopping trip by store and exactly what you need at each store. Only take your coupons that you are going to be using that day so you don’t stray very far from what you are looking for. If you are a coupon binder person and love looking at clearance this may not work for you :) Thanks Clair’s Freebies!
  • Don’t cut coupons from your inserts. The best thing you can do is leave your inserts whole and file them by date. Most coupon blogs will tell you where the coupon is located by the date of the insert, and it’s a lot easier to search whole inserts rather than ones that are cut and sorted. Thanks Drugstore Divas!
  • One of my coupon tips is to always carry your coupons with you everywhere – you never know when you will come across an unadvertised deal or clearance items – you don’t want to miss out on extra savings! Thanks Coupon Savvy Sarah!