The Kroger Blues

This week’s post is by Leah Kelley.

            Well, it finally happened…  Kroger announced they will stop doubling coupons in the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area effective March 1st. *sigh* I’m holding out hope that Meijer will stick with their current coupon policy.  Meijer doubles coupons, but only two identical coupons are doubled in one order.  Fingers crossed that they won’t follow Kroger’s lead.  I took Friday to mourn the passing of Kroger’s unlimited double coupons.  :(

            If you can’t tell by now, I was really upset when they announced this.  On Saturday, I hit the mega sale at Kroger hard; I figured I need to take advantage of double coupons while I still can.  I made out like a bandit!  I spent $70 saved $90!  While I was putting my groceries away, I started to think what I was going to do next month.  If I continue to shop at Kroger, my coupons (unless they’re $1 or more) really won’t be worth the effort.  So I came up with a few ways to still save money on my grocery bill without relying on double coupons.

Aldi ~ I love, love, love my Aldi!  They tend to be way cheaper than any other grocery store and you don’t have the hassle of clipping and organizing coupons.  Aldi just introduced a new line of organics that is comparable to Kroger’s “Simple Truth” line.  They also have great prices on some produce.  I have to admit that I was a little leery of shopping there at first, but once I saw my savings I never had that thought again.  A few things to remember if you’re going to shop at Aldi’s is bring your own bags or you can buy paper bags for $.05 each and insulated bags for $.10.  Also bring a quarter for your cart.

Local Co-op ~ If you have a local co-op, I recommend you start taking advantage of it now!  I belong to one and it is amazing!  If you don’t have a local co-op, look into Green Bean Delivery.  They send you a box of produce a month and the contents vary according to season.  I have a few friends who rave about Green Bean Delivery.

Dollar Stores ~ Don’t snub your nose at them!  I have found several things at my local Dollar Stores that I love.  The store I go to has Veggie Stix that my kids love (at a normal grocery store they can go for almost $4 a bag.)  I also like their juice section and condiments.  I recently picked up a huge jar of minced garlic, pickles, and various spices, each for $1.  Many of the dollar stores accept manufacturer’s coupons.  Here is Dollar General’s coupon policy and Family Dollar’s coupon policy.

Meal Planning ~ This is extremely important if you plan on stretching your family’s food.  I make a lot of meals where I “Cook Once Eat for 3 Days.” I buy a huge pork loin, cut some pork chops off it, and then put the rest in my crock pot.  You can cook the pork plain then shred it for carnitas or pulled pork.  For $10 to $13 (depending on the size and price of the pork loin) I was able to get 3 meals.  Not too shabby right?!



  1. Nicholle Bays says:

    I hate that they are getting rid of double coupons! I did, however, read that they were also lowering their prices on a ton of items to help make up for it. Have you heard this too? I LOVE my Kroger. I will still shop there, but will also look into alternate shopping venues in the future to save more money, like the dollar store. And do you have more information on our local co-op and where is it, please?


    • Leah K says:

      Nicole I would love to give you more info on the co-op! It is located in Florence off Industrial Rd. If you’d like to go let me know (via Facebook) and I will sponsor you.