Win It Wednesday ~ “This or That?” from Knock Knock

          Happy Win It Wednesday, CCQ Fans!  I am so excited about this giveaway sponsored by one of my favorite websites, Knock Knock!  Their website is full of useful and amusing products that make great gifts for adults and children alike.  Today we are giving away a copy of the activity book for kids ages six to ten called This… Or That?  My sister, Leah Kelley, gave the book to her six year old daughter, Ivy, to check it out.  Here’s what Leah had to say.

            “If you want to have some good creative fun with your kids I highly recommend the “This… or That?” activity book!  I had so much fun brainstorming and creating stories with my daughter, Ivy.  In the book, you’re asked “This” or “That” and given two choices, such as “Pirate or Ninja?”, “Basketball or Soccer?”, and “Ghost or Witch?” Your child has to choose one, then answer different questions like, “If you were a ghost who would you haunt?  Where would you live?”  Some pages had you draw pictures or write poems (our favorite) about your choices.  Derrick (my husband), Ivy, and I took turns picking out what topics we wanted, that way we made it into family time.  We even had my three year old daughter, Iris, answering questions.  There are also two full sheets of stickers at the back of the book.  Our family thorough enjoyed this book!”

            Don’t have kids?  That’s okay!  You can still win this fun activity book for your niece, nephew, or grandchild.  And there are plenty of great things on the Knock Knock website for everyone!  For your next party, why not try some Indelicate Doily Drink Coasters?  Heading to a baby shower?  Knock Knock’s Parenting Flash Cards or the I’m a Parent? Guided Journal make for funny and original gifts. 

            Good luck with the giveaway CCQ fans!  We’ll draw a winner on Thursday morning.


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